Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter scene...

BishBox is a monthly subscription box for the wild and crazy grrrls of Second Life. Each month you’ll receive 15 high quality items from SL’s top designers – straight to your inventory.
On the pictures the contribution from UC is pictured.
UC_Gift_ and the UC_Sindy_pearl_fur_top_ here is the url with all the information
you'll need to get the box :) BishBox.

The pose im using is from entangled ;
entangled Medea 2 @ entangled

The wolves in the picture are from Jinx in two different wolf packs with each 5 wolves.
They are awesome just to decorate your winter place with :D
One of them even claimed my bed :S
Availabe at the Lost and Found event.

Love Be x

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