Friday, June 1, 2018

Dry & Wet

 Mina Hair, Sandra,  is INTERACTIVE hair - it REACTS TO WATER!

The hair turns wet on contact with default SL water,
It dries of in the sun, 135 seconds to fully dry. Or use the included Blow Dryer;
the hair dries within 5 seconds.
Mina did a collab with Salt & Pepper on this, the matching INTERACTIVE WET T-SHIRT CONTEST items from S&P. The hair reacts to the S&P shower, S&P watergun and the quick dry towel from Salt & Pepper.
The hair is Fitted Mesh and works with your sliders but I also included two versions, one for the bigger breasts bodies like the SLink Hourglass and Belleza's Freya and one for Maitreya etc.
FaMESHed is a monthly cycled event that runs from the 1st through the 27th of every month. This round opens at June 1st, 12pm SLT .

S&P Wet T-Shirt Contest Gacha is coming to the Arcade, June 1st
ALL tops & panties are interactive and reacts to SL default water, to the S&P water gun and to the S&P Shower.
Clothing turns wet on contact, drips, dries in the sun OR with the included quick dry towel (instant dry)
Down below you can see the Gacha Key from this lovely Gacha go try to get all items as soon
as The Arcade opens :D

And if you play the gacha often enough you ll get this lovely reward from S&P.

Love Be x

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