Friday, September 13, 2019

Ghost fish

Wicca's Originals - Kerry Boots @ eBento

Kerry Boots Sizes: Maitreya, Freya, Hoourglass HUD: 13 Colors & 6 Metals Matches the Kali Outfit in colors and style!

MINA - Marsha - All colors @ Anthem

Yes! Another interactive hair! It REACTS TO WATER!
The hair turns wet on contact with default SL water,
It dries of in the sun, 25 seconds to fully dry.

Included is theAquaSense Wet Hair HUD. Read more about the HUD on:

You will have complete control over the wet / dry state and the water drops by using the HUD. Perfect for taking pictures !

UC_dress 3X 1_@ Uber

The 3 in 1 dress is everything and more!
A slick, modern strapless minidress with peek-a-boo slits to tantalize every viewer.
Made for Maitreya mesh bodies, in 12 teasing colors, its a winner of a dress!
The HUD is equally dynamic, letting you choose what part of the 3 parts you want to wear, so don't pass up the evolution of SL designs, courtesy of UC!
Perfect Unique styling!

Foxwood - Ghost fish - Companion pack

Love Be x

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