Friday, November 29, 2019

Getting ready for Christmas...

Chaleur Bois Set * CHEZ MOI  @ Cosmopolitan 

Warmth is what changes a new place into a home.
The Chaleur Bois Set has the twinkle of a woodburning stove soft lightning, the coziness of a leather armchair, and cute decorations with realistic touches.

Xmas Ladder Tree * CHEZ MOI @ Tannenbaum

Gather your family and friends and start decorating your home sweet home for the Christmas season

[HU] Cissy Jumpsuit @  Belle

Enjoy this elegant and sexy jumpsuit, available in 9 colors, each purchase you get one version with lace sleeves.
You get also the hud to change the metals, bels and waist and cuff sleeve color.
The Fat Pack is all in the hud, and you can change almost everything.

Maitreya fit only!

Love Be x

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