Tuesday, August 25, 2020



small Blogger Pack small Naughty Swimmer @ XXX

Interactive you can control the menu - dress and undress - look sexy and gorgeous.

Fatpack HUD controls Red & Black textures. 

Toy is interactive - touch stomach for stripping menu. Can be made private or public from menu.

Try Demo!

Rigged for Maitreya and Vaw vagina.

TMP: you can use Fit Deformers provided by TMP.

Zibska The Usha Deux set @  Flourish

The Usha Deux set includes sleeve tattoo in tintable black & white vs. in 3 transparencies with tattoo & 

universal tattoo BOM layers, head adornment & orbit, upper, lower and hand attachments left & right with 

22 colour options via HUD.

Hair a golden oldie from,


Love Be x

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