Ghost Bench

 Ghost Bench  * CHEZ MOI @ Cosmopolitan

Cute bench with fog or without fog.

More info at the Chez Moi Website

Clover - Quilbit @ Harajuku

The Quilbit is a shy, gently creature who has no form of defence, so it utilizes its cuteness to get other 

creatures to cary it around, providing it with safety. They are extremely soft, and smell like berries, 

which further attracts companions. It is a fully animesh holdable creature, and will gently sit in your 

arms, wiggling around. It comes in 5 Colours: blue, green, pink, orange, and white.

Kaithleen's Sakura Kimono - @ Mainstore

Fitted for Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Belleza, Freya and Isis, Slink HG, eBody Curvy, legacy and legacy perky..

Kaithleen's group exclusive colorhud available.

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MINA - Chiara hair @ Fetish fair *after event sold in mainstore

MINA Hair Chiara - Highlights and StyleHUD" includes style options to wear the hair only

 on the back and has Highlight options for every style. 

Love Be x