Palm Alchemy


Zibska ~ Jeltje ~ @ We <3 Roleplay

Jeltje includes headpiece and shoulders left & right with 12 colours for stems and flowers/petals sections 1/2/

[Oh!]  - the Darkness - Princess or maid @ Darkness

Fatpack: HUD control, all textures, main texture, collar and belt, skirt and edges can be textured separately.

Single Pack HUD: controls top transparency.

Lara Classic and Lara Petite Fits. 

Clover - Palm alchemy @ We <3 Roleplay

Give your avatar the ability to cast magic spells from the palms of your hands. Conjure flames to hold, or summon demonic spirits to surround your avatar. There are 12 different spells (details in next section), which utilize particles and lighting to mimic spells. No rezzing required. Every spell is looped, until you turn it off, so you can cast every spell for as long as you want. Full, unique bento animations for every spell, with a simple casting HUD that can be minimized and maximized.

- Hold flame: Conjure two small flames that fit in the palm of your hand.

- Darkness vail: Sprinkle clouds of darkness over your head, that wrap your whole body

- Illuminate: Draw clouds of blue and purple light to illuminate a room.

- Conjure cloud: Conjure a tiny rain cloud in your hand, with one hand casting the cloud, and the other sprinkling the rain.

- Conjure Petals: Conjure flower petals in the palm of your hand, and blow them away.

- Transfer energy: Focus your energy out of your body, and show if visually through the connections in your palms.

- Hold frost: Cool your hands to below freezing temperatures, holding the frost within your hands.

- Summon fog: Draw water from the ground using your hands, conjuring a cloud of fog.

- Summon demon spirits: Use your body to channel demons from the depths of hell, to surround and protect you.

- Water vail: Wrap yourself in a wave of water, which spins around your avatar, and falls to the ground.

- Growth wave: channel the energy from the sun, and sprinkle life energy around the world around you.

- Summon spirit snake: Summon a jade snake spirit, which will move around you, and allow you to levitate.

Love Be x