Wicca's Originals - Impulse Headpiece @ We<3RP

Impulse Headpiece - Unisex - Mod/Copy/No Trans 
HUD: 10 Colors/Metals  There are 3 different parts in the box - one full headpiece and one left/right version

[Stargazer] Variety Skin Set BOM+3D - Opulae Aqua @ We<3RP

Unisex 3D Materials included

Clover - Whacsa @ Tomb of Ancients

The whacsa is an extremely rare, and peaceful creature. It is not from earth, so its organs, and feeding methods differ from the creatures we have here. It is said that the creature feeds off of the energy of other creatures, which is why it is often seen floating around humans. They can exist in water, and air, as they are not bound to gravity, or air in the same way that earths creatures are. The Whacsa is a fully animesh wearable pet, who will float/circle around your avatar.

♥ How to use ♥

- Right click -> add the creature

- You can adjust its movement position to fit your avatar better.

Love Be x