Kaithleen's Pextra Gacha @ Arcade

Lovely Gacha, Body and Harness. Black is the Rare.

Fitted for Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Belleza, Freya and Isis, Slink HG, eBody Curvy, legacy and legacy perky. and Kurpra Orginal 

Kaithleen's group exclusive colorhud available.

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Clover - Lizard set @ Harajuku                             

♥ Intro ♥

The Clover - Lizard set is a set of components used to make your avatar look reptilian! It includes an animesh flicking tongue item, that has bento animations for your avatar, and will flick in and out of your mouth periodically. It also includes unrigged reptile eyes as well. 12 colours included for the eyes, and 12 colours for the tongue. Texture change HUD included.

♥ How to use ♥

1. Remove or alpha your current eyes on your avatar. 

2. Attach the Right and Left lizard eyes, and adjust them to fit in your eyes moving the move tools.

3. Attach the lizard tongue item. Adjust this item so it sits inside of your mouth, and flicks in and out properly. You can NOT resize animesh items, but you can move it around.

4. Please look at the demo video included TO see how the tongue should be positioned on your head.


Special edition skins for the Winter Season to go with your Xmas Outfits

Frosty BOM pale skins in Pink, Blue, Green, Peach and White

Small breast version included.

40% off for the Event, full price after.

Love Be x