Shadow bull

Clover Shadow Bull @ The Warehouse Sale

The Shadowbull were originally guardians of the underworld, providing security, companionship, and transportation to the creatures that lived below. They are extremely loyal and strong, but are highly social, and usually found in herds. They are herbivores, that prefer to feast on mushrooms found in their natural home, and come in many colours to represent different elements. They are a slower mount, but their strength allows them to carry more than one person on its back. They Show affection by trying to play, or nuzzle at their friends, but will size up enemies, and even stomp on them if they are a threat. 

♥ Stats ♥

- Name: ShadowBull

- Height: 2.2m

- Rideable? (and # of seats): Yes, two seats

- Friendliness: Social with other animals, Timid with avatars. Will warm up semi-fast.

- DIfferent Colours: Shadow,Moon,Fire,Earth,Fae,Ghost.

- Land impact: 47 prims

♥ CloverPet features ♥

- Fully animesh, animated pet.

- Smart, advanced, Non physical movement, so you do not have to worry about pathfinding, and they will not bounce around, fall over, or constantly fall off of a platform. 

- Can wander, Follow people, be worn as a mount, or you can ride it when rezzed out. (depending on the pet)

- Will like and dislike specific avatars, or other pets, But with enough exposure to someone, they will start to like them.

- When in wandering mode, this pet will emote, eat, interact with avatars, other pets, and specific objects. 

- You can get it to follow yourself / people around your land with slope/obstacle detection. It will try to find a way around any obstacle to get to its target.

- You can take it into your inventory, and wear him around as a mount or a pet, depending on the creature.

- Multiple walking/running speeds when far away, or when riding.

- Particles will play during emotes.

- You can set its access to open, owner, and group

- You can rename your pet to anything you desire.

- Customizable wander radius.

- Multiple texture options.

Love Be x