Clover - Kribik @ Mainstore

- Fully animesh, animated pet.

- Smart, advanced, Non physical movement, so you do not have to worry about pathfinding, and they will not bounce around, fall over, or constantly fall off of a platform. 

- Can wander, Follow people, be worn as a mount, or you can ride it when rezzed out. (depending on the pet)

- Will like and dislike specific avatars, or other pets, But with enough exposure to someone, they will start to like them.

- When in wandering mode, this pet will emote, eat, interact with avatars, other pets, and specific objects. 

- You can get it to follow yourself / people around your land with slope/obstacle detection. It will try to find a way around any obstacle to get to its target.

- You can take it into your inventory, and wear him around as a mount or a pet, depending on the creature.

- Multiple walking/running speeds when far away, or when riding.

- Particles will play during emotes.

- You can set its access to open, owner, and group

- You can rename your pet to anything you desire.

- Customizable wander radius.

- Multiple texture options.

Love Be x