:studiOneiro: Pulp BENTO set @ PosEvent

6 Bento poses (pose stand with menu, show/hide option) 

Clover - Dragon hatchling @ Warehouse sale

An adorable animesh dragon hatchling with a follower version, and a holdable version. The follower has a full AO, which will walk,run,fly,type(when typing),sit(when sitting), and sit down when you are away. The holdable has three animations for the dragon, and three animations for you. You can hug it, cradle it, and let it sit in your arms. Includes a full texture HUD with options for horns/nails,body,wing flaps, and eyes.

Colours for eyes/body/flaps(You can change each separately): Green, Sand, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White.

Colours for horns/nails: Sand, Black, Brown, White.

small  Exo @ The Darkness

Single HUD controls edges / seams and transparency, Fatpack controls 5 main textures.

Set contains 1 pair of plain black panties... Not in demo though.

SPINE: Not shown on picture .... you really gotta check it out though :D

Fatpack controls all 5 textures.

Love Be x