cinphul // azrexok [center][pillar]@ Mainstore

Center piece and pillars. Original Mesh, Texture HUD with 3 colour choice. Resizable

cinphul // spider lily [hairstick set] @ Mainstore

Stunning hairsticks with delicate flowers and flowing ribbons, comes with 3 styles of 

lily for decor.  ( i am not using them in my picture)

Texture HUD, Original mesh, Materials enabled

*Flamingos* PlasticGirl Short & Cropped @ BigGirls

Exclusive BigGirl for this month is all made of plastic and metal, but don't worry, 

they have put a soft and strategic cotton lining on the parts that need to be softened and you will feel 

good wearing this sexy, bold and different outfit. 

There are 10 colors, it is transparent, it is ecological and it can be yours!

Love Be x