Saturday, March 31, 2018


[[Masoom]] are at this round of Lootbox, with the passionate Tempest outfit!
Suitable for Maitreya, Freya & Hourglass, Tempest is bound to knock your socks off.

Thigh high boots, skirts, tops, earrings, necklaces and that's just the commons! The rares are bodysuits in 7 gorgeous colours!

Exile::Hot: 10. Naturals RARE

G259 Mainframe Bodysuit - glasses

Love Be x

Friday, March 30, 2018

A day at the office

MULLOY - Viapo Glasses @ Trés Chic
 A pair of the glasses (100% Original Mesh)
- A customizable HUD
Display version included.

ella // Patricia //@ Trés Chic
Pants for Maitreya, Isis and Freya.

Legal Insanity - Lily tops @ Trés Chic
Fitted for Maitreya. Isis, Freya and Slink Hourglass.

Sintiklia - Hair Grace - Blondes

Love Be x

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Alana> @ Trés Chic

[ILAYA] Penelope Collar + RLV Version @ Trés Chic

.:villena:. - Buckle Waist Mini - Onyx @ Trés Chic

.:villena:. - Wrapped Blouse - Plaid Gray @ Trés Chic

Love Be x

Monday, March 26, 2018


 Pocket Gacha is here, and [[Masoom] has the super sexy Annie set for you to grab!
Suitable for Maitreya & Hourglass.
Annie comes in 6 gorgeous colours, 5 rares & 25 commons - with Black being the rare! There are two metal options, gold & sliver, on all colours.
Pocket Gacha hud is available at Mainstore.

 MINA Hair - Jennifer for The Clique Coming on the 24th March to The Clique - A Breakfast Club Inspired Event! Jennifer has a StyleHUD. You can choose between wearing it with or without bangs.

Love Be x

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Bee Designs Spring Days Daybed PG @ Trés Chic

Lovely mesh Daybed, with as bonus the tullips and a tree (due editing maybe less good to see hihi)
that is next to the bed.

Love Be x

Friday, March 23, 2018


[[Masoom]] Sarah outfit @ Trés Chic
 It's Tres Chic time again, and [[Masoom]] have the sultry Sarah Outfit available
Compatible with : Maitreya [ Lara ], Hourglass & Freya
Sold separately, the Sarah Outfit is made with 100 % original mesh and textures, exclusive at Tres Chic - instore after the event.
Available in nine beautiful colors, each with two different metal options. Fatpacks includes all colors, with the ability to mix and match the bow, in a HUD. Sarah has materials enabled.

V.S ANNA SHOES @ Trés Chic
Sexy high heels with fast and slow texture hud, lots of mix & match possibilities.

MI Cellarette @ Trés Chic
Now with this Cellarette you ll  have lots of choice to pick out a drink don't you think? hihi

Love Be x

Monday, March 19, 2018


UC_Luna_high heels @ Kustom 9
For Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.
Texture hud to change several parts from the heels .

.::Nanika::. Sheila  Sunglasses @ Trés Chic
4 lens textures, 5 metal textures.

Vanity Hair::Part Two-Must Haves Pack @ Trés Chic
Fitted mesh, incl. hairbases,

Kaithleen's Corky Dress - @ Trés Chic
 Fitted mesh for Maitreya, Belleza Freya Venus Isis, Slink HG Psysique
and Ebody Curvy full version. This is such a cute dress again from Kaithleen's
with lovely sheer skirt .

Love Be x

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Total outfit fitted for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink, as always a great creation :D so go to Swank and try the
demo and ofcourse BUY it hihih.

Exile - Way That I Feel - Blondes

Digs- Movie Buff Desk Accessories

Love Be x

Funny Face...

EQUAL - Arya @ Trés Chic
Lovely pumps with socks/panty for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink high feet.

- shanghai - Agape Earring Black @ Trés Chic
100% mesh, available in Black, Bronze,Gold and Silver.

Fashiowl Poses - Face @ Trés Chic
One of the several  bento pose packages that Fashiowl offers at the event.

neve Conelly top, Demi Skirt @ Trés Chic
Fitted for Maitreya, Belleza isis/freya, Slink Physique/Hourglass,

[NYNE] 'Leonny' Hair - @ Trés Chic

*elise* - Paola - BENTO Rings @ Trés Chic
Fitted for Maitreya and Vista bento hands.
Color hud for gems and metals.

Love Be x

Friday, March 16, 2018


 Color Home Patio Set  from CHEZ MOI @ Trés Chic

This mesh Mediterranean style table and chairs can complement many outdoor or interior styles. Perfect for patios, garden, and breakfast nooks.

Specification and content:
Wicker Chair: 1 LI each
Wicker Chair with Pillow: 2 LI each
(26 single adult poses + 6 toddler animation)
Table: 2 LI
Placemat: 3 LI each | 6 dishes option
Tray: 4 LI | 2 napkin colors
Teapot: 2 LI

Love Be x

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


[[Masoom]] have their second main store release, in as many months, and the Michele Outfit is super sexy! Group members get 30% store credit, on this purchase.

The Michele Outfit is compatible with Lara, Freya and Hourglass.

Available in a range of 11 gorgeous colours, each with 4 metal options, and 11 colours for the belt on the pants. Fatpack comes with all colours AND both silver and gold (exclusive) together with the ability to mix and match the items.

[LeLutka]-JOSEPHINE hair/Naturals

Love Be x


Kaithleen's Schoolgirl Dress @ Cosmopolitan Event
Fitted mesh for Maitreya, Belleza Freya Venus Isis, Slink HG Psysique
and Ebody Curvy full version. Very cute outfit perfect for RP an innocent girl giggles.

Gacha items:
Doe: Tasha (solid) - Monotone
!:Lybra:! Introverted Glasses White

Love Be x

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


:::Phoenix::: Riley Hair @ Mainstore
Lovely fitted mesh hair with styling hud to create different looks .

UC_April_Harness_@ Whore Couture
UC_April_laced_@ Whore Couture
Sheer lace vest for when you are nice and leather harness for when you are very nice ! For Maitreya, Belleza and SLINK, 10 color options for both via HUD.

Love Be x

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Baby Spice...

*LuLu* Baby Spice @ Chapter 4
Boots Corset Shorty
Maitreya Fit only.

Doe: Junko Pigtails - Essentials RARE

[PR] Ground Light Roses & Petals - Pink

Love Be x

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kinky Silver..

[[Masoom]] Hazel Top @ Kinky
Compatible with Maitreya, Hourglass and Freya
Hazel come in a range of 11 beautiful colours, each with four different metal options. Fatpack comes with all colours, plus Silver & Gold exclusive, as well as ability to mix and match the belt.

[[Masoom]] Bound outfut @ Remnant Days
Im wearing the Panty/strap from this outfit. The top is lovely to but
i wanted to show that the items can be mix and matched with other outfits to :)
Compatible with : Maitreya [ Lara ], Hourglass & Freya
11 colours, with four metals each. Fatpack includes all colours plus Silver & Gold exclusives. 100% original mesh. Materials enabled.

Exile - Lovefool - Blondes

Love Be x


Kaithleen's Latex Wasp Set -@ Whore Couture Fair
Curvy and Slim version, fitted mesh for Maitreya, Belleza Freya Venus Isis, Slink HG Psysique
and Ebody Curvy full version.
The back is really stunning with all the wraps so go check it out.

Tableau Vivant \\ III Hair - Ada - Ombre

Trompe Loeil - Emmeline Lounger Bouquet

Love Be x

Monday, March 5, 2018


UC_Janny_boots @ Famesed
Belted boots, with 8 colors via HUD,  For Maitreya, Belleza and Slink

UC_Freaky_bodysuit @ Kinky Event
Leather, silk, belts, and breasts; tame or very wild; choose 8 colors and
special materials via HUD for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.
Freaky fun wearing this unique UC creation.

Exile:: Eyes On Me Blondes

Love Be x

Let's go..

!APHORISM! Eve Jumpsuit  @ Fameshed
 9 Colours available
There are 3 bonus 'camo' colours in the fatpack and extra belt options.
Maitreya - Slink Hourglass - Belleza Isis/Freya (For high feet)

Tableau Vivant \\ III Hair - Lil - Browns

Love Be x

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Kaithleen's Soft Mesh Body Shimmer @ Kinky Event

Get this soft body shimmer in 5 colour options now! It feels like being covered with 
gold and star dust! An ultimate must have for every woman!
Fitted for Maitreya,  Beleza Freya,Isis Venus , Slink HG Physique and Ebody Curvy full version.

Love Be x

Saturday, March 3, 2018


PLASTIX - Feline Coat @ Trés Chic
Each pack comes with coats in 2 universal sizes (reg and plus size).
+ HUD to change fur color (clean/spotted)
+ Optional sweater to wear under - 10 colors (Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass).

ChicModa // Cami // @ Trés Chic
100% Original Mesh by Sassy Nitely
 Single Color purchases include a lace color change HUD.
 All Pack comes with a color change HUD to the main camisole and lace colors.
Fitted for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Hourglass.

[NYNE] 'Xaii' Hair - @ Trés Chic
Rigged and Unrigged with resize menu.
Several color pickers.

!  IS-:::Skirt pencil  @ Trés Chic
Fitted mesh for Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Venus and Physique

Love Be x

Thursday, March 1, 2018


 [[Masoom]] Amy Bento Gloves @ Uber
Compatible with : Lara Bento, Slink Dynamic
Available in 11 beautiful colors. Fatpack includes all colors, PLUS silver & gold (exclusive to fatpack), with ability to mix & match the bow, in a HUD. Amy has materials enabled.

[Aleutia] Amira  @ Trés Chic
Available in 12 stunning colors or in a great fatpack that comes with a bonus set of 3 additional colors!

Mowie. - "Parisa" Glasses @ Trés Chic
Available in 2 different styles with colorhud for frame and lenses.

:::Phoenix::: Naomi Hair @ Fameshed  
Lovely hair with styling and hairtone hud, fitted mesh, + size .
You can create lots of gorgeous looks with this hair.

Love Be x


MINA - Mabel -@ Uber
With stylinghud you can wear the hair to the left or right side.
Fitted mesh hair.

Kaithleen's Sheer Silk Tunic @ Mainstore
Sexy sheer fitted mesh tunic for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Ebody curvy.

Love Be x