Wednesday, October 30, 2019


MINA - Willow -@ Uber 

Festive for fall! Willow is a carefree long hairstyle held snug with a cozy scarf. The cascading hair falls down the front using a new technique to ensure your clothing layers will remain in tact. The hair features untamed fly-aways that add movement to the over all look with strands that appear to tangle with the cold crisp air. There are multiple texture options for the scarf along with a color picker to fine-tune the hue for a custom match. Embrace the cooling weather with style and grace!
✚ Larger Breast Version Included
✚ Rigged
✚ Color Pickers on HUD to adjust colors to your liking

[HU] Colby Outfit  @ Belle

You can get the 4 parts separated for maitreya:
- The Shrug in 8 colors, and you can hide and change the color of the chains if you want
(In the HUD )
- The Top in 8 colors too, and you can change the colors of the chains (In the HUD )
- The Belt (for you girls who ask me to make the single belt ;)) in 6 leather colors, you can also change the metals in the HUD
- The Pants in 7 "plain colors" and 4 camouflage, in the HUD you can ghange the fists, cords, metals, pockets and stripes ;)
The Fat Pack is in the HUD!!!

Love Be x

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